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Setting up a website just for the sake of creating an online sales channel in this day and age is simply a bad and expensive idea.
No longer are people shopping online by jumping from website to website. Online mega malls are now a thing. This new way of online shopping has paved the way for many consumers to settle in to one location and grab hold of almost everything and anything they want!

What’s more, these stores are effective at holding on to the consumer’s online focus. Chances are, the online crowd is busy spending hours on shopping apps that your brand has NO part of.

It’s crazy to think that you can sell anything when you set up shop in a desert. But that’s what many business owners are metaphorically doing when putting up a website these days. Nobody ever goes there in the desert for no reason. You can try to sell water there; it’ll be a useful commodity. But if nobody is around, who you gonna sell it to?


What Makes a Good Website Great

A good website should serve the visitor well. It should be nice to look at, easy to use and create a great experience for the customer.

A great website is all that and more.

Let’s start making your website go from good to great today. Let us have a look at it and we’ll tell you what’s possible!

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A great website should not only serve to ease the process for customers, but also the process for the business owners. 

There’s more to business than just exchanging a product/service for money. Business processes involve coordinating critical tasks, from connecting with customers, to communicating with vendors, to managing your workers.

Now, imagine having a single central system that can assist you to manage all that.

The truth is, technology has evolved so much that your website literally can be the central tool for running your business.

(Okay, it won’t exactly run everything but close.)

At Brand BuildUp Collective, we believe that websites should be able to perform beyond the basic front end functions of branding and sales. In fact, we have identified five key factors that makes the good ones great:



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Front End


Everything you would expect to come from a website sits here. This is what people see when they visit. Hence, it is important to make the experience a joy. It should look good, be easy to browse through, and feel great to hang-out at (yes, “hanging-out” means attractive and filled with experiences to make a visitor stay on your site a little longer).

We usually look at this as the first and second stage of the project. These stages include:

  • Planning
  • UX and UI design
  • Domain and website hosting
  • Copy and content writing
  • Sales funnel creation
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Front-end security

Back End


The ability to manage projects and sales under one roof is a dream. But the fact is some providers have better solutions for one aspect yet aren’t really great with another. That is why we use multiple tools to run our business.

But it’s possible to make everything close to seamless. That means there’s less jumping in between your work solutions. We can work these things out with you:

  • Website backend management
  • Automation and operational planning
  • CRM integration
  • API integration
  • Data collation and analysis
  • Capability training
  • Resource management tools

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Yes, We Use WordPress…

Short of creating a full-scale website from scratch, we believe there is no other content management solution quite like WordPress. We appreciate the modular nature of what it can offer.

With carefully selected premium plugins and robust security set-up, we can make the best business portal you can possibly imagine.

All Is Not Lost… If You Know What to Do.

Of course, it’s much easier to start if you got nothing to begin with. But if you’ve already spent thousands on developing a website, don’t fret! We positively take it that you already have a good foundation for us to work on. It’s just about understanding more about how your current one can take you further.


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