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We Were Once Struggling To Find A Solution That Works.

How we got started was basically out of frustration. Before starting Brand BuildUp Collective, our Founder and Creative Director owns a small business that needed a website. He tried asking someone to help him with it. Because of his lack of budget, he was given an empty WordPress website, and had to work on it himself. The truth is, he was totally fine with it… at least in the beginning.

He found out much later that there are several steps that he needed to do to make his website function the way he wants it to. When requesting for help form the person who created the shell website didn’t help (IT people can be too busy sometimes) he decided to do his own research and exploring.

It took him nearly nine months to complete what a professional could have done in two months. But with that experience comes valuable knowledge about WordPress sites.

The Biggest Struggle

His biggest struggle, though was not about developing the website, but in juggling different tools to manage his business. He wished for a way to consolidate it all into one near-seamless platform that can help him manage it all well. He was struggling to keep up with a growing business, and in the end had no choice but to discontinue the business.

That struggle became his motivation from Brand BuildUp Collective.

As business owners, we struggled with managing our critical tasks. We were seeking for ways to do things better, but with so many different online tools available that is telling us they can do things better, we became paralysed by the choices. It took years to discover what works best for our Creative Director, and when we finally did, it comes with costs.

Now, you don’t have to struggle with the costs like he did. Today, we provide the expertise to implement those solutions for you. We do so by maximising your website’s potential as much as we can, and develop it into a centralised unit for your daily business activities.

The modular nature of our work makes possibilities endless, and that is what we pride on.

How Does Brand BuildUp develop websites differently from others?

Our approach to building a website stems from two things: Effective Identity and Efficient Processes.

Effective Identity

What message would you like to tell your customer upon first impression? What is it that you want them to immediately feel about you before, during and after their engagement with you?

This is all part of a business’s brand identity and it is a very involved process. It requires business owners to really look into what is important to them.

The advantage of websites is that they can offer a very in-depth representation of this. So businesses can lock down on their branding with their website as the seed to all other collaterals and media outreach that they have eg social media, namecard, flyers etc.

Efficient Processes

There’s a massive amount of solutions out there that can help business owners with essential tasks like marketing, customer service, manpower and financial accounts.

Technology is a wonderful thing. However, it creates a different set of problems: decision/choice paralysis, incompatibility with current processes and tools, learning curves and cumbersome migration.

Brand BuildUp Collective believes that an effective system reflects an efficient business. Thus, we look through what the market offers, figure out one is best used for your business so you can put the time to trial and error into something else.

Our Values

Everything we do is based on a set of principles that guide our endeavours.

Stay Curious

Walt Disney once said: “We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”

To be constantly curious about possibilities is what we are by nature and what we wish to remain to be. This allows us to expand our creative thought process beyond what we normally thought possible.

Stay Flexible

Not everyone has the same preference. It is crucial to be able to see perspectives at every angle, focus on the right goals and adapt our strategy towards that.

Stay Relevant

Changes are inevitable. Technology changes to the needs of the people and vice versa. Being able to remain one step ahead of changes and anticipating the new is what keeps us relevant.

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