Wikipedia defines modularity as “the degree to which a system […] may be separated and recombined, often with the benefit of flexibility and variety in use”.

Think of it this way: what do brands like Ikea, Lego and WordPress have in common? What keeps them ahead of their competitors? In principal, these brands offer smaller parts that we, as customers, have to piece together to create a whole, with each part being interchangeable and independently usable.

Modular Marketing is similar: it is a marketing approach that breaks the overall marketing strategy into smaller, more digestible strategies called ‘modules’. Each module can be used independently to address a specific marketing goal.

For instance, if you need to direct social media users to your website, you would require web design as the first module, and then social media marketing as the second. What if you only have a small budget? No problem. We’ll help you drive traffic to your social media page as the only module to improve awareness of your business.

Benefits of Modular Marketing

With a good plan, modular marketing can bring plenty of benefits for budget-conscious business owners:

  • Customised

Modular Marketing is a fit-to-measure solution that can adapt to any business. No matter what your product or service is or who your clients are, modular marketing is customisable to meet your business goals.

  • Efficient

Modular Marketing doesn’t rely too much on other aspects of marketing in order to move forward. Each module can be activated independently. With this, businesses will never lose opportunities to increase reach and convert visitors into paying clients.

  • Budget/Time Flexible

Modular Marketing allows you to gain traction as quickly or as restrained as needed. Whatever the case may be, Modular Marketing pays attention to time and costs ratio. It is made to easily track milestones, deliver value and demonstrate results.

Limits of Modular Marketing

Despite its benefits, modular marketing may have its own drawbacks:

  • Limited

If your budget is tight, there’s only so much you can do. Modular marketing practices are often done due to budget restraints. Hence, the marketing effectiveness will also be restrained.

  • Incomplete

Since it is not a complete campaign, modular marketing is bound to leave gaps where you may miss out on a chunk of your audience. For example, focusing on just social media would leave out potential leads from search engine optimisation and email marketing.

  • Crowded

Modular Marketing efforts are mostly focused on where the audience are active the most. The problem with that kind of focus is that there is most other businesses will also be at the same place you are at. In other words, it’s gonna get real crowded pretty fast.

Best Modular Marketing Approach

As with any type of marketing solutions, a good marketing strategy begins with a marketing plan: the what, who, where, why and how of your product or service. Without a good marketing plan, any type of marketing, modular or otherwise, is virtually as good as no marketing.

In fact, with modular marketing, it is even more critical to be on top of things. You may think that modular marketing is pretty affordable, but it still means costs. For any kind of startups, money means life, so best not to waste your effort on something that is unlikely to work.

If you wish to know more about Modular Marketing, which is the staple solution that we provide to our clients, then talk to us about it. Drop us a message and we’ll connect with you soon!

Armen Rizal Rahman

Founder/Creative Director

Armen has over a decade worth of experience in the creative industry. He is a xennial who prefers PCs over Macs and is both tech savvy and tech phobic. He hates being called the "IT Guy".