The Collective: Biodata

The Founders

Armen Rizal Rahman

Founder/Creative Manager

Armen graduated with a Diploma in Mass Communication. But it is his two decades of experience in the creative industry and entrepreneurship has helped hone his skills in marketing and business. The combination has led to Armen winning several competitions and awards. He is also an author of three books specialising in entrepreneurship and economy. With his experience, accolades and dedication, Armen is keen to help clients achieve their business goals.

Armen’s skills include:

  • Web and Print Design
  • Film Production and Editing
  • Sound Design and Music Production
  • Marketing Data Analytics
  • Copy and Content Writing

The Team


Manage projects and translate business goals

Coordinators are the main point of contact between the Collective and the Clients. Coordinators analyse and identify the clients’ needs, goals, challenges and budget. Thereafter, they work on crafting a strategic plan to implement enhancements or changes that benefit the clients’ marketing outreach and results.

Coordinators are the bridge that connect clients’ goals to creative ideas. This results in a more precise marketing execution plan that generates more leads and improves results.

Think of our coordinators as conductors of an orchestra – you know what tune you want, but don’t know how to instruct the instrumentalists. You can’t possibly hum the tune out loud because individual instrumentalists need a score sheet to follow. What you need is a conductor to assign different keys to respective instrumentalists, then control all the elements in order bring to life that soothing sound that you crave to hear.



Creative and Idea Generation

Perhaps the more recognisable aspect of the marketing team, creatives are the people who bring your ideas to life. They are those who possess artistic and creative experience to execute the modules in the marketing plan.

 he truth, however, is that no creative can develop an idea without a guideline. Creatives appreciate the presence of someone who can pinpoint what is needed in order to achieve a goal – enter: controllers.

Our coordinators are definitely the conductors to the orchestra, but clearly there is no music without instrumentalists. This is where our creatives come in with their talents to produce the final outcome in line with your marketing strategies.

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